How To Use Apple Pay On iPhone X

Apple has made some improvements in iPhone X. It has released a beta version of iOS 11 which is available for download on the internet. As a result, it has introduced a new gesture called Reachability for the bigger display. Also, it emphasized the idea that its users should be able to use a smartphone one-handed and unlock with Face. But now with new Apple Pay Feature, you can pay for any Apple Pay Supported Shop.-

Apple launched Apple Pay Program last year that allows users to pay online with Touch ID and also with Apple Smartwatch. But with the release of new iPhone X, Apple extended its smart users to pay via FaceID.

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We’ve used Apple Pay on other iPhones before but now it is something new with iPhone X. Touch ID is removed and now we have Face ID and you must be wondering how to use Apple Pay on iPhone X, this article is just for you. Here we’ve clarified the procedure in details. Whether you’re planning to buy something in a store or it is going to purchase something online, Apple Pay may be used for all.

How to Use Apple Pay on the iPhone X

Apple Pay on iPhone X works exactly like Apple Pay on any other iPhone with Touch ID. In new iPhone X, Apple Pay requires your Face for Authentication. Note that while buying anything, you have to select Buy with Apple Pay and that website or shop must accept Apple Pay Payment. As Face ID is only available for iPhone X so other iPhone user can still access Pay via Touch ID. This feature is only for iPhone X users as Apple removed Touch ID or home button.

How to Use Apple Pay on the iPhone X

Step 1: The first thing you need to do is, you have to set up a Face ID. Once done, Go to Apple Pay.

Step 2: Add a Payment method as a Face ID. To do that, go to settings > Wallets and click on Apple Pay.

Step 3: Add your payment info.

Step 4: Now make sure that that store accepts Apple Pay payment method. All you have to do is double-tap the power button. Look down at your phone Done. Congratulations!

If you are shopping online then you have to confirm your payment information. Select payment method as Apple Pay and Face ID.

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