How to Stop Autoplay Video in Chrome Mac

Auto-playing videos have started to appear for some users in search success. Auto-playing videos online are among the absolute most annoying things. Fortunately, it’s possible to watch videos on your favorite websites. Remember that there are two types of videos that you’ve got to guard against Flash and HTML5. Click any video and wait to see whether it plays automatically. The majority of these videos run on Shockwave Flash, so I’m likely to concentrate on such a technology. These Autoplay videos are extremely helpful to the marketers. They can be one of the most annoying things on the internet.

How to Stop Autoplay Video in Chrome Mac

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Stop Autoplay Video in Chrome Mac

In a circumstance, it turns into just a little bit difficult to find and stop the video. Disable HTML5 Autoplay extension will stop Autoplay video in Chrome. You must be certain to block both video types.

How to Stop All Autoplay Video & Audio in Chrome

Step 1: Open Google Chrome Browser.

Step 2: In the URL bar, Type chrome://flags in the URL bar > Enter.

Step 3: In the search, type in “autoplay

Or type chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy in the URL.

Step 4: Look for “Autoplay policy” > choose “Document user activation is required

Step 5: Close and open Chrome again.

How re-enable Chrome Autoplay Video and Audio?

If you decide you miss those autoplaying videos, you can re-enable the feature on Google Chrome.

Go to chrome://flags/#autoplay-policy > Choose Default.

Once the app relaunches, autoplay starts working again.

This will reset video AutoPlay Setting on your Google Chrome Browser. Now once you change the settings, all the videos will stop playing automatically and this will save your Data. If you are using limited internet connection then you have to turn off AutoPlay Video Option on your Google Chrome.

If you wish to save your bandwidth, then preventing automatic Play Videos is an excellent thing because all of us know that sometimes you become distracted and wind up not even watching the video.

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