How to Set up Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

Chrome Remote Desktop is a new service from Google to allow users to get a Windows or Mac computer from a different pc or Android smartphones. In regards to the Google service, iOS was left out. Google has introduced the Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS to the App Store, which makes it super-easy to get your pc in your mobile device wherever you’ve got a connection.

Chrome Remote Desktop may be practical for registering your very own private or work computer from a different location, and it may be equally beneficial for peeking in on somebody else’s system. Google introduced its iOS program for remote desktop program. The Chrome Remote desktop extension has been available for quite a while, and previously we showed you how you could use it using Android.

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

There are some things that you’ll want for this to work. First, be certain that you’re Mac or PC has the newest edition of Chrome using the Remote Desktop extension installed with that. You will also require the Chrome Remote Desktop program for iOS installed on your own iPhone or even iPad.

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS

As soon as you have the expansion and the program set up, you can log into your computer from the iOS smartphones in a matter of moments using your Google account. The Chrome Remote Desktop program enables users to control their computer in their iPhone.

Once installed, the program works in two manners: touch style and trackpad mode. In touch manner, the default setting on iPads, tapping the screen is just like a left click on a mouse. And in trackpad mode, the default option for iPhones, a mouse pointer is visible. Users control the mouse by simply swiping across the tapping and screen, which simulates a left click. The Chrome Remote Desktop for iOS also supports numerous further gestures in both manners.

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Step 1: Download and install the App on your iPhone.

Step 2: Install Google Remote Assistance Extension on your Google Chrome Browser.

Step 3: You’ll need to log in to your Google account > verify permissions > select the remote connection you want to set up.

Step 4: Install a small remote desktop host utility.

Step 5: Create a PIN to verify log in remotely. After everything is set up, just launch the app > select the computer to connect to > verify the PIN and its done.

This will connect your computer to your iOS app. Now if you need any help then comment below.

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