Safari For Windows – Download and Install

Safari is quite easy to use and it’s made to adapt to your preferences. It is known to be one of the fastest web browsers. It comes standard with the iPad, and the latest OS upgrade will also include the latest Safari update. Tap Safari and you’ll have many alternatives to turn on or off. Here in this article, we are going to share how to download and install Safari For Windows 10 PC or Laptops.

Safari is an excellent web browser. It uses a combined search and URL field for inputting searches and addresses, but you may not know that the same box is used to initiate a search within a webpage. It has a separate search field instead. In short, it has a long way to go. It is one of the unique web browsers available and highly customizable.

When compared to other web browsers, it really stands out of the crowd because of its brilliantly packed features and options. With its slick appearance and lots of diverse options, Safari sets itself aside from the pack of internet browser clones in order to provide you with a satisfying experience as you surf the internet.

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Safari For Windows – Download and Install

Safari for Windows PC brings all functions on the computer that you would expect from a modern browser.

Safari For Windows supports extensions – as the competitors Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. With plug-ins of the Apple website to fit the Web browser without a restart on your own taste. With the online service iCloud to store bookmarks online, sharing them with other devices.


Familiar handling

Who copes with Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, is also with the use of Safari have no problems. Most of the controls and settings of the known competitors have their counterpart in the Apple browser.


The current version fixes some bugs, improves stability and adds support for the Apple cloud service iCloud.


  • Supports plugins
  • Cover Flow


  • Compared to competitors a few plug-ins
  • Poor optical integration into Windows

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