How to Re-Download Purchased Apps on iPhone and iPad

Downloading and Installing Apps and games have come to be somewhat easier today for Apple users. Macbook and iOS users can easily download and install Apps from the Apple App Store. Many apps are not free, so you have to purchase Apps from the Appstore. Now in the new update, you cannot find Purchased section. To see all your bought apps in iOS, you will need to access App Store with the same Apple ID, used to buy App earlier. As soon as you’ve obtained all your previous purchases, it is possible to Re-download Purchased Apps & games on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Anyway, the method to re-download programs from other has remained the same. Using below-mentioned steps for How to Download Apps You’ve Already Purchased, you can get all your Apps and Games back.

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Re-download Purchased Apps on iPhone and iPad

In case you’re like the great majority of iPhone or even iPad users, then it’s possible that you’d have bought and used a lot of programs on your device. Well, fear not because you can easily re-download your bought apps.

Re-download Purchased Apps

How to Get Apps Previously Purchased on Your iPhone or iPad

Step1: Open Appstore on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2: Go to Updates.

Step 3: Go to Purchased.

Step 3: If family Sharing is enabled, select the person’s name who bought the app earlier. And if not then click on Not on This iPhone.

Step 4: Click on cloud icon located on the right side of the apps to re-download it free.

How to Restore Downloaded or Purchased Apps from iTunes

Step 1: Connect iPhone or iPad with Mac or Windows iTunes > Open iTunes > click on the Apps > Mark Automatically install new apps to restore downloaded apps.


To re-download purchased App, simply tap the blue blur icon near it. If the icon is grey, that means that you can not download it since it does not exist in iTunes or as it is a 32-bit program that no longer functions at iOS 11. It is possible to immediately Re-download Purchased Apps from iCloud to some iPhone, iPad or even iPod touch which shares the same Apple ID.

The app will download on your device automatically after some time. Hope you liked Re-download Purchased Apps guide for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Share your feedback in a comment, and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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