How to Print Screen on a Mac

Print Screen in Windows is called screen captures or screenshots in Mac OS X. If you have recently moved from Windows OS to Mac, then you have probably noticed there’s no ‘Print Screen’ button on a Mac keyboard. On the Mac, rather than hitting a “Print Screen” button, you are going to press one of many keyboard combination shortcuts to capture screen. This is both easier for the screen printing. Each keyboard shortcut will use Control and Shift keys simultaneously. This screenshots will be saved as a picture on your desktop. Here are some easy ways to Print Screen on a Mac.

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To have a print screen of the whole screen, press command-shift-3. If the sound is turned up. After a second or two, the printing screen will be saved onto your Mac’s desktop as a PNG file. Drag the diagonal lines of the area you wish to take a screenshot. These methods to take screenshots in Windows 8 are not just very easy, but also, saves you quite a good deal of time. Pull up the screen or video you wish to have a screenshot of onto your PC.

Print Screen on a Mac

Simply take two or three screenshots to test it’s working. At this point, you have copied and pasted a screenshot on your computer. It’s simple to take a screenshot on a Mac. You may easily capture screenshots with the combinations you will see below with no extra program. Mac screenshots are nice and easy, but occasionally you will realize that things fail. If you want to learn more about taking Mac screenshots, take a look at our whole guide for advice on how to change the file format, naming, and more.

When you have taken screenshots in mac down pat, you can want to find fancy. Taking screenshot is just one of the most frequently made things while handling an Apple Mac. What’s more, you can email these screenshots to friends and loved ones. The very best part is that you can take screenshots of the whole screen or some specific information you find interesting on the monitor.

The basic functionality of taking a screenshot in Mac OS X is very simple.

  • Control+Shift+3: Requires a screenshot of the full screen and save it as a document on a desktop.
  • Control+Shift+4: Show you a Selection Arrow. Select the Area and release it at the end. A screen will capture automatically and saved on the Desktop.

Copy To Clipboard

If you need to copy and paste the screenshot directly into mail or Messages, then use command-control-shift-3 to copy whole Mac screen. You could use command-control-shift-4 to copy a custom screen.

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