iTunes backup Guide – How to Back up iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Apple has launched iTunes tool to allow Apple users to manage their iOS devices including iPhone, iPad. iTunes is one of the most used tool for iOS users. You can restore your iPhone or iPad using iTunes Backup option. iTunes comes preinstalled on every iOS devices, and if you are using Windows, then you can easily download iTunes for Windows.

If you are not able to restore your iPhone backup because of a forgotten iTunes backup password you don’t need to worry, as mentioned before, you can use iTunes Restore option to restore your iPhone completely. Backup is the very best and simplest solution to continue to keep our data in a safe place. Viewing iTunes backup file at the moment is possible. The selected iTunes backup is going to be highlighted, and that means you can discover it easily.

iTunes backup – How to Back up iPhone, iPad,

Once you own a backup, it’s possible to easily restore the majority of the important info to a new or recently restored device. If you wish to scan such backups, you want to go into the password to unlock it. Choose the iCloud backup you need to delete. Using iTunes to the backup iOS device is a frequent practice for the majority of the users.

How to Restore your iOS Device using iTunes

To restore and backup your iOS device using iTunes, you have iTunes installed on your Mac or Windows. You can download iTunes from the official website.

Step 1: Connect iPhone to iTunes and then open iTunes.

Step 2: Let the iTunes detect your iOS device.

Step 3: Click on your device then click on the Restore button.

iTunes Backup Location on Mac OS (X) and macOS Sierra:

~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup/

Step 4: You can see last created backup list there. Click on the last backup and click on restore button This will take some time depending your backup size.

Once done, it will restart your iOS device and its done.

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