iPhone not syncing with iTunes – How to Fix

We all think we don’t need iTunes but sometimes, you still have to sync an iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Typically iTunes will sync using iOS smartphones with no incident, but occasionally things go awry, and iTunes only won’t sync in any way. If you end up in that situation, here’s what you could do to fix it and find the iPhone, iPod, or iPad syncing with iTunes. Here is how to Fix iPhone not syncing with iTunes.

We are going to cover a list of troubleshooting suggestions to repair the syncing issue. If iTunes won’t actually find your iOS device, go with manual steps and connect your device to iTunes. Before trying any solution, make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. If not then download and install the latest version of iTunes.

iPhone not syncing with iTunes

The iTunes is to recognize the iPod, but it isn’t syncing. As soon as you sync the iPhone and your PC for downloading iTunes for instance, you’ll find that the apps reappear. If you are using a new generation iPhone, then it’s likely that an older iTunes might not work with this.

Try out a unique USB cable The USB cable which you’re using might be the problem. Check the USB port It’s also among the best methods to make sure the issue under discussion is resolved. Reauthorize iTunes It is also one of the most effective ways to make sure the subjected issue is totally resolved. Sometimes USB ports may fail. In the majority of the devices, there’s more than one USB port. Alternatively, you may also check the iPhone port for virtually any dust and debris.

1. Check Your USB Lightning Cable

To sync your iPhone to iTunes, what you need is a Computer, iPhone, USB cable, and iTunes. Now, first of all, make sure that you are using working USB cable.

If you use the right kind of cable, iTunes should recognize your iPhone. So try with another USB Lightning Cable.

2. Try a Different USB Port

There are more than 1 USB port on your computer, so if iPhone not syncing with iTunes, try with another USB port.

3. Check Computers Time and Date

Sometimes due to incorrect Date and time on your Mac, your iPhone not syncing with iTunes. So go to settings and then make sure that Date and Time are perfect.

4. Make Sure that software Is Up to Date

Go to the Help > Check for Updates.

Make sure that you are using the latest version of iTunes. If not then update it or download it from the official website.

5. Disable Anti Virus

If you are using any Antivirus then disable it for some time and then connect iPhone to iTunes.

6. Check iPhone Driver Software

Update iPhone Device Drivers if you are using Windows OS.

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