iPhone Keeps Restarting: How to Fix It?

Every iOS update brings to the platform something which will enable you to perform tasks better. But also it brings new issues for the iOS users. Recently many iOS 11 users have reported that their iPhone keeps restarting again and again without any alert. If your iPhone/iPad keeps restarting randomly on iOS 11, iOS 11.1/2, here are some quick tips to fix the iPhone restarting issue.

iPhone Keeps Restarting on iOS 11 – How to Fix

Users have posted that after updating to iOS 11, iPhone keeps randomly restarting every 60 seconds. You take your iPhone to dial a number of check important document and see it rebooting unexpectedly. It is very annoying. Here in this article, we are going to list down all the possible reasons for this error and how you can fix them.

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Before going to apply any below listed solution, backup your device first. You can use iTunes Backup to take iPhone Backup.

1. Update Your iPhone/iPad to Latest iOS version

Apple has released iOS 11.3 version. So make sure to install it. You can check for latest updates from Settings > General > Click on Software Update.

2. Set Date to December 1

Go to Settings > General > Date & Time > set the date to December 1. For some users, this is working. This will stop endless rebooting of your iPhone/iPad.

3. Force Restart iOS Device

iPhone 6SPress Home and Power at the same time until Apple logo Appears.

iPhone 7/7 Plus: Press and hold both the Side and Volume Down till you see Apple logo.

iPhone X /8/8 Plus: Press Volume Up + Down button and release them as soon as you see Apple logo

4. Reset All Settings

Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings. This will reset all the settings that you made on your iPhone.

5. Remove or Update Apps

Some apps are really annoying and due to such apps, you are facing the issue. So find the recently installed App and remove it. Also if it is important, then you can update it to the latest version.

You can use Analytics Data to check which app causing reboot from Settings > Privacy > Analytics > Analytics Data.

6. Remove Your SIM Card

Try to remove the SIM card and turn on the iPhone again. Check if you are still having Restarting issue or not?

7. Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes

Restoring your iPhone will remove everything stored on your iPhone. So the first backup your iPhone and then use iTunes to restore your iPhone completely.

After the restore finishes, upload all your data using iTunes.

8. Check For A Hardware Problem

If nothing works, check for a hardware issue. Go to Apple Support center and tell them about your issue. They will assist you further.

Hope using above solutions, iPhone Keeps Restarting has been solved. If not then comment below. We will help you further.

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