How to Install Apps on a Mac

The application isn’t difficult to use and can be downloaded from the AppStore free of charge. You can easily install the necessary application based on your interest and need. There are lots of applications for your Mac that you can use. You can use apps from social, office, utility and Games category. Apple always recommended to download and install Apps from Apple App Store. So once you have setup Apple ID on your Mac, you can easily install apps directly from Appstore.

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Install Applications

Installs Apps from AppStore: You can easily download and install apps from Apple Appstore. All you have to do is, set up an Apple ID.

Open App Store and Search for the application that you want to download.

Click on install and its done.

Install Apps on a Mac

Disc image and Application

  • If your application is in Disk Image, then all you have to do is just extract it and open your Application.

Drag the application to the Applications folder

  • Another way to install Application on Mac is to drag that app to a dashboard.


  • If your application has installer file then you can install it normally like we do in Windows.

If you are a Windows user for a long time and recently switch to macOS, then you may be confused about installing applications. Just like Windows, Mac apps also have extensions called .dmg. If you are installing Apps from 3rd party developer then you have to allow installation from security settings. Otherwise, your Mac will block 3rd party app installation.

Advanced: Find Application via Command Line

For advanced users, use the find tool to search for every single .app on a Mac.

sudo find / -iname *.app

The output is .app files. You can also search in the specified directory.

sudo find / -iname *.app > ~/Desktop/EveryMacDotApp.txt

Hope you liked this guide on how to installs apps in Mac. If you need any help then comment help.

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