How to Update iTunes to the Latest Version

Each time Apple releases an iTunes upgrade, it provides cool new features for all its users. Also, it comes with a bug fixes. So Apple always recommends you to use the latest version of iTunes. iTunes new version comes with new iPhone support and new features to connect devices and sync data. Now if you are using an old version of iTunes then its time to Update iTunes.

Due to that, you must always upgrade to the most up-to-date and best version when possible. The method of upgrading iTunes is pretty simple. This report explains the way to get it done. The simplest way to update iTunes requires one to perform almost nothing. That is cause iTunes automatically informs you if a new version is published.

How to Update iTunes

iTunes is one of the best tools from Apple to allow its users to manage iOS devices that frequently gets upgraded. Whether your iOS apparatus is giving you trouble or your own audio collection is not syncing into the cloud, here is a fast guide on the best way best to upgrade iTunes.

iTunes is comes preinstalled in your Mac, also offers you access to your entire music library, together with movies, TV shows and videos you have bought from the iTunes Store. iTunes enables you to download apps for your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, download music books, and much more. Gradually Apple updates iTunes on the Mac. Here is the way to be certain that you’re current. Every single time a new iOS variant is introduced, Apple releases a brand new iTunes upgrade allowing users to sync their devices.

Updating iTunes on a Windows PC

1. Open iTunes and then go to help.

2. Click on check for updates.

3. Wait for sometime and if an update is available, download Update.

4. Install the new update and enjoy.

Update iTunes on Mac

1. First of all, launch iTunes from the dashboard and then go to Menu > iTunes and click on check for updates.

2. If any new update is available for Mac, then download it and then install the new update.

3. Once done, remove all the devices, reboot Mac and then start using the new version of iTunes.

Hope you have successfully update iTunes on your Windows and Mac computers. If not and facing any issue then comment below.

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