How to Switch from Android to iPhone/iPad

Android is free and open-source operating system managed by Google. He is the fastest growing mobile operating system in the world. Today around 70% smartphones devices are working on Android OS. Also today we have Android Tablets and Android Smart TV also. All your data is stored on your Android Smartphone including your Images, Music, videos, contacts, and documents. Now if you have decided to move from Android to /iPhone/iOS, then this article how to Switch from Android to iPhone can help you.

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You may choose whether you wish to back up the full device or only certain data. Therefore it is extremely important you know what data can and cannot move. You are going to be surprised to discover that you’re using your mobile data at a far slower pace with merely a tiny fine-tuning of your phone settings.

How to Switch from Android to iPhone

Fortunately, in several situations, transferring your music shouldn’t be an issue. Even though you can share ringtones between phones over Bluetooth, you can discover that it’s a lot easier to use another alternative for transferring a ringtone from 1 phone to another. You may send ringtones from 1 phone to another using Bluetooth if you’ve got the suitable phone. In the event the answer is yes, then you’ve made an excellent choice!

Now if you want to move your all data from Android to iOS then this article will be helpful.

How to move data from Android to iPhone or iPad with Move to iOS

Step 1: Setup your iPhone as a new iPhone and go to Apps & Data screen.

Step 2: Click on Move Data from Android.

Step 3: Now on your Android Smartphone, open Google Play store and then download Move to iOS App.

Step 4: Click install and when installation is done, open the app.

Step 5: Press Continue on the both Android and iOS device > Agree > Next on Android.

Step 6: On Android, enter the 12-digit code displayed on the iPhone device.

Now the Android device will connect to your iPhone it will start transferring all the data to iPhone storage.

Apple has announced a new app for Android users that allow Android users to transfer all data to iOS devices. The App is called Move to iOS app. The app syncs all your Android Data to the iOS device including email, calendars, contacts, photos, videos, and history. Here in this article, we are going to share how to transfer your contacts, music, videos, photos, and documents!

Moving your data from your old Android phone to your iPhone or iPad is easier with Move to iOS app. Note that it doesn’t transfer your apps, music, or any of your passwords.

You can also go through a manual process where you have to take a backup of your contacts, music, documents to another drive and then copy them to your iPhone or iPad using iTunes.

Hope you liked this guide on how to switch from Android to iOS. If you need any help then comment below. We will help you further.

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