How to Install Mac OS X – Step by Step Guide

Make sure you download a fresh copy of Mac OS. All you need to do to finish up is restart your Mac, and you will have the same setup the way that you left it. There might be several reasons that you need to install Mac OSX from an external hard disk. If you’re reinstalling Mac OS from scratch, then you will need a Mac OS X file. All you need to do is just download the latest version of Mac OS X from Apple Store. If you cannot find Mac OS X, then search for it to Install Mac OS X directly. Mac OS El Capitan was about 6GB, so downloading can take a while.

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You are going to be asked on which partition that you want to install Windows. The partition has to be at least 5 GB in proportion. As you’re removing the present partition, reinstalling Boot Camp lets you produce a larger Windows partition or put in a different variant of the Windows operating system.

Install Mac OS X – Step by Step Guide

A digital machine is essentially a software environment that behaves like a hardware computer, permitting you to put in a second operating system on your PC. Type the name that you want to assign to the digital machine to be created in the suitable text field and click the Next button to keep on creating the digital machine. Open the VirtualBox program and after that open the digital machine for which you prefer to print.

How to Install Mac OS X

Step 1: Make a Bootable Mac OS X disc or USB drive.

Step 2: Hold down the option key and restart the computer. This will open a boot menu.

Step 3: In the boot option, click on Installation > Install disk.

Step 4: Select language > Select Disk Utility.

Step 5: Select new hard drive > Select partition > click the “-“ button.

Step 6: Click the Remove for removing current partitions > Then click the Options.

GUID for Intel and Apple Partition Map for PowerPC and then ok > “+” to add a new partition > Apply.

Step 7: Erase > Choose the Volume format > Name for the drive.

Step 8: Quit Disk Utility and a new Windows will open.

Step 9: Select current installation drive > Ready to install Mac OS X.

Step 10: Follow on-screen instructions and the installation process can range anywhere from a half hour to an hour.

Done and enjoy.

As soon as your computer restarts, it is going to get started loading the installer. The reinstall procedure deletes all info stored on your Mac partition. Therefore a backup has to be made if you would like to restore files and applications on the partition after the reinstall approach.

Hope you have successfully installed Mac OS.

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