How to Clear History on iPhone Permanently

Perhaps you’ve been using your iPhone or iPad to find best anniversary gift and later you afraid that if your girlfriend checks your iPhone and see all the searched gifts. Like this, there are many other reasons for Clear History on iPhone Permanently. There are loads of great reasons to need to clean your Safari browsing background. On iPad and iPhone, it is quite simple to do this. Here is a complete guide on how to Clear History on iPhone Permanently.

While Safari is your built-in the browser from iPhone, but people use different browsers too. But regardless of which browser you choose, it lists all of the sites which you see and store them in the kind of browser background. While the job of the history would be to make it simpler for you to access a specific site that you visited in past. But sometimes we don’t want to store our browsing history and thus there is an option for you to clear all your browsing history on iPhone.

Clear History on iPhone Permanently

In the procedure for using your iPhone, it stores the history of everything you do and occasionally this is with great intentions. By way of instance, it makes things a whole lot simpler like assessing missed or previous calls, monitoring a website amongst others. But occasionally having them in your own iPhone has a lot of disadvantages. By way of instance, it takes your privacy away cause everybody can see what you’re doing; also it requires a great deal of your storage room inducing your smartphones to slow down.

Clear Safari History on iPhone

Clear Safari History on iPhone

Cookies are small files that a website stores on your personal computer or smartphone which include information about your browser, or login information, which is frequently used for promotion purposes.

How to Clear History on iPhone

If you are using Safari then follow these steps:

Go to Settings > and then search for Safari icon > click on it.

Now you can see Clear History and Website Data.

Click on Ok wait and wait for sometime.

A popup will ask you for confirmation . click on it and Clear History and Data.

All your data will be remove after this process.

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