Change DNS Server Settings in Mac OS X – A Complete guide

The principal reason for using custom DNS servers is to quit accessing malicious web websites. IPs to Block You could be wondering why we must block DNS servers and IPs. IP addresses can be difficult to find and remember. Now if you are using a Windows OS, then it is very easy to customize or change DNS servers. You can use any 3rd party apps and tools to change DNS servers. But if you are using Mac OS, then it is very difficult to change DNS servers on Mac.

If you are facing some issues while accessing a website on your Mac, then this article will you. The issue is caused by DNS errors. Having DNS setting is required for a Mac to access websites. Every website has its IP address, and it is hosted on a remote server called Domain name servers. This server translates your Domain name into Domain IP address.

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If you are facing some issues then try to change the DNS servers.

Change DNS Server Settings in Mac OS

Sometimes you may also attempt loading the website in a different browser to be sure that it’s no problem using your browser itself. The very first issue to do is to construct your website. Last, you can attempt to get in touch with the website with the 502 error to report the issue. Every site on the world wide web has an IP address. In the event the page takes a while to load, the DNS server may not do the job properly. Once you hit enter”, then you’ll be redirected to another page at which you can see and even access the blocked websites.

Change DNS Server Settings in Mac OS X

Go to the Apple menu > System Preferences > Network control > select your network interface > Advanced.

Choose the DNS > add a new DNS server > click on [+] plus > edit an existing DNS server > click twice on the DNS IP that you want to change.

To remove a DNS server: select a DNS server > click the [-] > Delete. Then Ok > Apply.

Google DNS servers ( and are free to use.

If you prefer to keep at least one of the grayed out DNS addresses, you will want to compose the address down and manually reenter it as part of the procedure for adding new DNS addresses. One particular local address may be used on multiple static server interfaces.

If not you have to get in touch with your service provider. Internet providers typically designate a DNS support, but you can pick any service you desire. VPN services rendered is at its simplest! You should be cautious on the internet when clicking links and downloading files.

Pick the connection type whose DNS settings you want to change. Your new DNS settings are prepared to be used. Now you are prepared to make the mandatory settings on your phone.

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