How to Access iCloud

Using Apple iCloud you are able to get your images online if you are at home, at the workplace or having a Windows or Mac computer or an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. All you require is the Apple ID and Internet connection. Apple’s storage App iCloud is a useful way to store files, pictures, videos, and programs from the iOS, macOS, and Windows apparatus on the cloud. When it is enabled, all of the content you choose will be automatically backed up to your Apple device and Windows PCs. Here we are going to share How to Access iCloud on Mac, Windows and iPhone.

ICloud is Apple’s cloud storage assistance, offering integrated internet syncing and backup. If any user would like to boost their storage capacity then they will need to purchase the memory space. The users may also choose the people the users want to share the photos with and the total contact list for the exact same as well. They should know that they can also remove the iCloud account from iPhone if they do not tend to remember their password. Even you figured out a way to get the backup file, it’s still true that you can’t restore data from it as it’s packed with one file and currently there isn’t any program can open it.

How to Access iCloud

Once it’s completed, your whole photo library will appear and subsequent loading periods will be a lot shorter. It’s better to remember that iCloud Photo Library won’t add duplicate images.

How to Access iCloud

How to Access iCloud

How to access iCloud on iPhone and iPad

Here comes a sad part because there is no any single app there on Apple App Store that allows users to access all iCloud Data or iCloud backups. You will need to go into separate apps.

If you want to check all the images stored on iCloud then follow these steps:

Go to Settings > iCloud and then click on Turn ON/OFF toggle to turn it on.

Once it enabled, you have to Enter your Apple ID password.

Turn on Photo Stream and now in the Photo App, you can access all your iCloud Data.

Wait for sometime to sync data.

How to access iCloud on Mac

Access iCloud on Mac is very easy. All you have to do is, go to

Enter your Apple ID and Password to Login.

Once done, you can access all the iCloud Data.

Hope you liked this guide on how to Access iCloud on iPhone, iPad.

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