How to Hide Purchases From Family Sharing iPhone

Whenever you get something amazing, you like to share it with your near and dear ones. Same happens with Apple Music, iBooks and App Store; the first in the list was launched by Apple in 2015. Apple Music is indeed amazing that individuals can not help but share tunes with their loved ones and friends. You can easily Hide Purchases From Family Sharing iPhone.

But there are particular things that you need to hide from your loved ones or friends. You require a room of your own, and for that reason, not everything you would love to share. Your iPhone/iPad provides you with this facility to hide all of your purchases from Family Sharing. The technology provides us with a lot of things, and when it comes to Apple products and services, we have higher expectations. Even further, almost all of our expectations are fulfilled with the technology giant, which is why all of us prefer going for the world-class products by Apple.

How to Hide Purchases From Family Sharing iPhone

On Apple store, Family sharing brings us a lot of advantages because you are able to share things with your family members whenever you want. Apple includes a feature called “Hiding App Store Purchases.” Yes, this is possible by following a few simple steps. Family Sharing makes it simple for all members of a household to download the songs, films, TV shows, novels, and programs every other member of their household has bought.

Hide App Store Purchases in Family Sharing

In Apple App Store, you can hide Apps that you have purchased from your family members.

Make sure that Family Sharing is turned on.

Go to App Store and then from the bottom, click on updates, Purchased > My Purchases

This will show you a list of all the Apps and Games purchased by you.

Now if you want to hide purchases in Family Sharing then swipe from Right to Left until you see Hide button.

Swipe To Hide

Swipe To Hide

Click on Hide and then it will be hidden.


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