Format an External Hard Drive or USB Drive for Mac OS X

If you’re using the USB drive to store large video files, you might encounter trouble. You may also choose to format your drive if you want. If you are usinng SSD or External Hard Drive then also you can format them using Mac. If you would like to get full Mac compatibility with a new external hard disk drive or flash drive, you will have to format the drive into your Mac OS Extended filesystem. This is very essential for purchases of generic PC drives, which nearly always come preformatted to be Windows compatible instead than for Mac OS X. Here we  are going to share how to Format an External Hard Drive or USB Drive for Mac.

Connecting an external hard disk or USB flash into a Mac will normally work, however if you don’t plan on using the transfer between a Windows and Mac device, formatting it to be completely Mac compatible filesystem is highly recommended, and also essential for Time Machine and also to create disks bootable.

Format an External Hard Drive

In case you’ve not ordered a drive for Mac, do not worry, it is super simple and we will help you through the full practice. Some flash drives need to be formatted first before it’s possible to store files on them. Your USB flash drive is currently prepared to pictures. It doesn’t matter what type of USB flash drive you’re using, you’re in a position to convert its file system from FAT32 to NTFS by reformatting.

After you select the format, you are going to observe a box to put in the name of the disk. So now that you’ve resolved to format your drive, you are going to need to learn how. Before beginning to format your drive, you need to know which file system option you want to use. Pick the drive you’d love to format.

Format Flash Drive Mac with Disk Utility

Your Mac computer includes a useful utility known as Disk Utility, which may be used to format virtually any storage. To use it, first join the flash drive which you would like to format. Then go to Programs and Utilities and launch Disk Utility.

How to Format Flash Drive on Mac

Connect hard drive or USB to your Mac system.

Then open Disk Utility from Applications > Utilities

Select drive name from the left > click on it

Click on the “Erase”

Format: Select “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)

Select a name for drive if you want and then click on Erase.

That’s all.

Using this method, you can quicky format any external hard disk, SSD’s, and USB flash

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