Fix iTunes Sync Error-54 On iPhone, iPad or iPod

In most instances, your content won’t sync once the error happens. Sometimes it occurs when you try to sync for the first time, but sometimes it can start happening out of the blue even after several successful syncs. At times the iTunes Sync Error-54 is an easy glitch which goes away as soon as your iOS device is restarted. In the leading cases, an error is going to be removed, and you’re able to sync if you click OK at the base of the message alert. Continue reading this post to understand what is iTunes error (-54) and how to repair it.

Since the iTunes Sync Error-54 is reported in some forums, it could be an iOS 8 problem. You may restart the iOS device and see whether that issue is resolved. After a quick search online, it appears some others have the same issue. Also, you must be conscious that you could have an issue downloading larger items when using the smartphone network. In this case, you’ll have no problem in receiving your iPhone detected by iTunes, but you’ll not have the ability to transfer any data from iTunes.

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Fix iTunes Sync Error-54

By default, there’ll be an upgrade notification pop up once there’s a new version available. You have to make sure the correct version of iTunes has been downloaded to your PC. Make sure that you have the newest edition of iTunes and attempt to sync again. Also, do remember to make sure you are using the most recent version of iTunes. Please be aware that you have the most recent version of iTunes for this. Also, be certain you have the newest version of iTunes and the most recent software updates for your device. Before trying these methods, please make certain that you’ve got the newest version of iTunes and the most recent software updates for your device.


Most iTunes users have struck with an issue called iTunes Sync Error 54: “The iPhone cannot be synced. An unknown error occurred (-54)” This is a very frustrating error when we are working with our iPhone files.

iTunes Sync Error -54 is among the most usual iTunes error you face when your iTunes cannot sync anything. The iTunes can’t sync error is typical for both Mac and Windows users when they’re attempting to sync iPhone either employing a cable or wirelessly. To easily fix the iTunes 12 sync error, we’ve outlined the most typical iTunes 12 issues you might meet.

iTunes occurs annoying errors when we try to sync, or perform a backup because of our iPhone/iPad. Here are some solutions to repair iTunes sync errors 54.

Here are some possible solutions to fix the iTunes Sync Error-54:

1. Clean junk files

Cleaning temporary files with Disk Cleanup may fix iTunes Sync Error 54. Clean App Data or use 3rd party tools to clean temporary data.

2. Reinstall iTunes

If you are using Windows, then try to reinstall iTunes. Go to Control Panel > Apps. Find Itunes > Right Click and Uninstall.

Reboot your computer and then download the latest version of iTunes from the Apple website.

3. Update PC Device Drivers

Itunes Error 53 can occur due to outdated drivers. So use any driver tool to download and update new Apple Drivers.

For Mac: Open iTunes > About option and Search for Updates.

The Way to Repair error code 54 from iTunes in Windows is to update driver and update Windows 10.

Also Open Windows Explorer > Open Music folder > Right Click iTunes > Properties > Uncheck Read Only.

This sync mistake 54 is just one frequent iTunes issue, and this error does not allow unauthorized users to sync with any info to iPhone/iPad/iPod touch screen.

Otherwise, you should reinstall iTunes on your PC. Let as finding out why the iTunes Sync Error-54 occurs and find some helpful recommendations to correct the iTunes cannot be synced issue. Over the past few days, iTunes has begun to throw an error saying it cannot connect to Store Purchases, potentially because of a firewall misconfiguration. So if you’re attempting to Sync these data with iTunes, then you will get an error. In this instance, you’ve got to sync separately to obtain what sort of information you can’t sync. The first step needs to be to turn off auto sync. To extract the iTunes Backup, you should decide on the former.

Sometimes you will need to download all of your purchased apps again, which takes time and is quite annoying. By studying the normal repair cost for every potential repair process in america, the fixed vehicle monitor application is even prepared to give a specific evaluation of what it will cost to have the issue settled. At times the sync process may be working, but no files become transferred to the iOS device.

Hope you have fixed the iTunes Sync Error-54 on your iPhone or iPad. If not and still facing the issue then comment below.

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