The File iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read Fix

Apple has released new iTunes update for Windows as well as Mac OSx users. Apple is forcing users to install new iTunes update to provide better user engagement support.This guide will help you to solve The File iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read Fix issue.

It doesn’t occur too frequently, sometimes for any explanation, the library at the iTunes gets corrupt and can’t be finished anymore. The main reason behind the iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read Error might be procedure alterations or iTunes data files corrupted. End users usually truly feel helpless since they merely cannot access each one of the music and playlists and also other items stored in the iTunes.

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My computer is not going to let me open iTunes whatsoever. It will not let me open iTunes at all. As we already know iTunes is one of the most advanced tools developed by Apple allow users to customize and manage each iOS device. If you’re getting errors attempting to restore in iTunes, DFU mode is quite likely for you. For me, this error proved to be a confusing show-stopper for some moment.

iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read

It’s possible to create a library in case you don’t already have one. Usually occurs when the library is on an external and used with some computers. If you can’t find Previous iTunes Libraries in the folder, you ought not to worry about it.

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iTunes Library.itl Cannot Be Read

The following error message: The file “iTunes” cannot be read is an iTunes error and you will face this issue if you are using an older version of iTunes. The new iTunes update will rebuild all required iTunes library. All ratings, playlists, etc will be lost. This problem can be easily identified by renaming your iTunes library to an older name that may be recognized by the software.

We recently showed you, how to fix Itunes There Is a Problem With This Windows Installer Package error which is typically done for the purposes of reinstalling iTunes to a previous version. This error is the same but solutions are different.

Method 1: Fix The file iTunes Library.itl cannot be read on Mac

Step 1. If you are using the latest version of iTunes then remove it and install previous iTunes version.

Step 2. Type Command+Shift+G and type ~/Music/iTunes/ > Enter.

Step 3. Find and rename iTunes Library.itl to iTunes Library.old.

Step 4. Find the folder named Previous iTunes Libraries > open it.

Step 5. Find the latest version of an iTunes Library > copy that file > paste it to a desktop.

Step 6. Go to ~/Music/iTunes/ and paste the file > rename it to iTunes Library.itl.

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