How to Factory Reset AirPods

If you are using iPhone 7 or later iPhone devices, then you know that Apple has removed headphone jack. So you can’t use wired headphones for your iPhones. But with the release of iPhone 7, Apple has released AirPods, wireless headphones for Apple devices. After installing new iOS 11 update, so many users are facing some serious issues while connecting AirPods to iPhone or iPads. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Factory Reset AirPods in 2018. Here we will reveal to you just how to resolve the AirPods connection failed problem with thorough actions. The problem is, when you try to reconnect iPhone and Airpods, it is saying connection failed or unable to connect.

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Make sure that your AirPods are charged. AirPods are not intended to get audio output from two devices at the same time.

How to Factory Reset AirPods – Fix Issues

To fix Airpod is failed to connect or reconnect Airpods with iPhone. First, you have to learn how to connect Airpods with iPhone.

Now before going to reset your AirPod, first make sure that you are running latest iOS version on your iPhone or iPad. Go to the General > About and software details.

Also, make sure that you are updated firmware on your Airpods.

Factory Reset AirPods to fix battery problems

Step 1: Just like any other iOS device, you can easily reset Apple Airpods. All you have to do is just Keep Pressing and hold the setup for 15 seconds. The button is located on the back the side.

Step 2: The LED indicator turns white and Factory Reset AirPod is done.

Step 3: Now once done, Pair your iPhone and Airpods once again and see if this is working or not.

How to pair AirPods and iPhone

  • Airpods LED should be flashing white > Hold it.

  • Wait until you see the pairing screen on iPhone > and once you see it, click on Connect.

Even if you exchange your AirPods for a new pair, you may end up having the specific same problem if there’s a hardware or software issue on your iPhone. An iPhone or other Apple device isn’t a requirement to use AirPods. If you would like to avoid that, you’ll need to raise the volume using your iPhone.

Also make sure that your AirPods have linked to the perfect device, for the reason that they are intended to connect to any device linked to your Apple ID. How you’re feeling about AirPod controls will be contingent on how you listen to the audio.

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