Enable Youtube Dark Mode in Chrome and Firefox on Mac

Earlier Youtube has launched its full-screen mode that might be a great feature to watch Youtube Videos in Full-Screen HD mode. And now recently they launched Youtube Dark Mode. Youtube dark mode can be found via a very simple toggle once it’s been enabled and brings along with it some small tweaks to the total design of YouTube’s web interface. For some users, enabling dark mode will just make YouTube look so far better, which is already an excellent enough reason by itself. Hit Activate/Enable Youtube Dark Mode, and you are finished.

At this point, you have the choice to choose night mode on YouTube! After that, refresh YouTube and you ought to find the Dark Mode option your YouTube profile.

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Enable Youtube Dark Mode on Mac

To begin, you will initially have to check if your operating system is running the most recent edition of Google Chrome. To begin with, be sure you’re on the most recent version of Chrome (version 57 or higher) and the latest version of Firefox on your PC.

YouTube’s dark interface isn’t yet available as standard, but if you’re a Google Chrome user, then there’s a way it is possible to give the new blacked-out YouTube interface a try at this time. Suppose, you wish to use your device with no restriction then it is easy to reverse the procedure to turn off YouTube restricted mode.

Clicking on the profile icon at the very top right corner of the site will now display a more extensive collection of alternatives, for instance, dark mode feature.

Click the three-dot icon at the very top right corner, if you’re not signed into your account. If you’re not logged into your YouTube account, click the three-dot icon at the very top right corner. Next, you must click your profile at the very top right corner.

Click the Dark Theme toggle > and Done.

Dark Mode Youtube Mac

Including a dark mode is a huge UI design trend at the moment. So, you have to use the dark mode. If you would like Dark Mode on YouTube, you’ve got few steps away to receive it. The YouTube Dark Mode was a small secret some time back, but it’s now simpler to activate. It is an awesome feature that helps you to focus on the video and other important details. So, lots of people are interested in the YouTube dark mode. Stick to the detailed instruction and find out how you can enable YouTube Dark Mode.

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