How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay in Mac OS X

Turning off AutoPlay in Twitter is simple. Apple Macbooks are one of the ideal companion devices for business traveling and work. We have an additional problem, and that’s data consumption. Twitter offers auto-play video onto your Mac OS X. When you haven’t disabled Twitter Autoplay feature, then you have serious data intake due to the automated video streaming. This will slow down your internet connection and also consume more data. Here in this article, we are going to share How to Disable Twitter Video Autoplay Feature in Mac OS X.

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The most recent versions of Twitter for Mac and iOS default to automatically playing videos. Furthermore, it can waste bandwidth and also be a significant distraction, so maybe autoplay video is turned off. Luckily, just like you may disable video autoplay on Twitter for iOS, the Twitter for Mac has an Option to Disable Autoplay Feature. Here’s What you will want to do:

Disable Twitter Video Autoplay Mac OS X

Follow these below steps to turn off Twitter Video Auto Play on Mac.

How to Turn Off Twitter Video Auto-play Feature in Mac OS X [on Twitter App]

Step 1: Open Twitter Mac App and then go to Menu > Preferences.

Step 2: Go to General > Uncheck Video autoplay option and save settings.

Now this will only disable autoplay videos on Twitter for Mac App. But what if you are using Twitter App Browser. Here is how to disable Twitter Video Autoplay in Browser.

Disable Twitter Video Autoplay in Browser

Step 1: Login to your Twitter account and then go to profile > Settings.

Step 2: Find Content > Uncheck Video Autoplay > Save changes.

Voila! You have successfully disabled Twitter Video Auto-play Feature in Mac. If you need any help then comment below. Share your thoughts with us in a comment and follow us on Facebook, Twitter to get the latest news.

You don’t even have to use the third party app. Also, the browser isn’t yet open to extensions that could enable you to do so. Many social networking users were critical. When it’s worked, you ought to be asked for your password.

Click any video and wait to see whether it plays automatically. Instead, if you prefer to play a video on Twitter, you are going to click the play button on a video or gif that you want to play, giving the control to the user in place of the app. By the way, if you would like to know, there aren’t any auto-playing videos on our site.

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