How to Delete iCloud Account from an iPhone / iPad

iCloud is the cloud service just like Google Chrome and Dropbox allow users to upload their data on the Apple Servers for Free and manage from iOS devices. Now due to some reasons, if you want to delete iCloud Account then this article will help you.

Tap on the iCloud option and you’ll be asked to put in a password. In some cases, you might need a password to get this done. After the successful simultaneously operation, you are going to be prompted to go into the iCloud password. Removing an old iCloud account will require that you enter the proper password for the account and you should be fine so long as you remember the password. Deleting your iCloud account is really simple. If you’re thinking about how to delete an iCloud account without a password, the solution is that you can’t.

Delete iCloud Account

If you are using Multiple iCloud Account then you can Delete any iCloud Account that you want to delete very easily. iOS makes this procedure simple, but make sure that you understand why you’d want to try it, otherwise, you will encounter unanticipated issues. Again, this isn’t advised if you don’t know why you are deleting the iCloud.

delete icloud account

delete icloud account

Remove/Delete iCloud Account from an iPhone / iPad

Open the Settings on your iPhone and then go to iCloud.

Now scroll down and find Delete iCloud Account or Sign Out option.

Click on that option.

Confirm the removal of the iCloud account by clicking Delete or remove.

If you are using the new version of iOS then go to iClous Settings and then go to Sign Out.

Note this removes all documents from iCloud from phone or iPad.

Once the iCloud account has been removed, you cannot access you are any of iCloud Data. You have to create another Apple ID and create a new iCloud Account.

When you’ve forgotten the iCloud password and also wish to delete the iCloud account with no password, then this procedure will probably be a bit difficult. You have to Enter your iCloud Password in order to delete iCloud Account.

You can also remove your iCloud Account from iPhone or iPad using Reset.

Go to Settings > Reset and Reset All Contents. This will remove each and every account stored on your iPhone.

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