How To Delete All Photos From iPhone

For those who have never used an Apple product, note that, Use an iPhone may be an incredibly tough and frustrating job. All iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and Mac, comes with Photo App, allow users to organize their all the pics in one place and Delete All Photos From iPhone. Now if you want to delete your photos, then it is a very frustrating task. When you are deleting hundreds of photos at once, then it is very irritating as you have to select each Pic manually and then delete them. As a way to delete 1 photo from your iPhone, it’s possible to simply open Photos app and tap the photo or video you wish to delete. In the past couple of years, several completely free apps that allow you to delete all photos from iPhone have been released.

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How To Delete All Photos From iPhone

Depending on what you require, you may use the iTunes method or free app that does not demand installation like the Apowersoft on-line iPhone Transfer. Apart from the capability to delete all photos from iPhone camera roll or selected pictures based on your desires, the internet app additionally functions as an efficient iPhone file manager.

Delete photos individually

Open Photos app, and click on the image that you want to remove.

Then click on trash button and confirm you want to Delete Photo.

Photos and videos are stored in Recently Deleted for 30 days after you delete them from your iPhone photo App.

Delete multiple photos

If you want to delete more than one images from iPhone Photo App then all you have to do is just select the top-right corner, and drag your finger across the screen to select photos quickly.

Once selected, click on Trash icon and Delete All Photos From iPhone.

Delete all photos from iPhone: Camera Roll

You can delete all the images stored on your iPhone.

Open the Photos App > select in the top-right corner > Select All.

Then click on the Trash icon. This will delete all the photos stored on your iPhone Photo App.

You can also delete all photos with Windows Computer.

Connect iPhone with Windows Computer and then open iPhone Folder.

Open DCIM, you will observe folders containing the photos and videos which are on the iPhone. Click on Delete all and remove them.

Delete photos from an iPhone: Delete albums

Open Photos > Albums > Edit > click on red circle.

Note that, this will only remove Album. However, all the Photos are stored in the default Camera Roll.

Get photos back from Recently Deleted

When you delete any Photo or Video on your iPhone or iPad, it will automatically move to the Recently Deleted folder.

Navigate to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted.

If you want to recover an image, then click on the Image > tap Recover > confirm Recover Photo.

Delete all photos from iPhone: Recently Deleted

Go to Photos > Albums > Recently Deleted > Select in the top right corner > select the photo and delete.

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