How to Deauthorize iTunes on Old and Dead Computers

If you are using your Mac for a long time to download and install Apps and now you are using another computer to download the app with the same Apple ID then what to do? However, there is no any issue if you are using iTunes on both computers, but there are some limits. You have to Deauthorize old computer if it is no longer in use. Here in this article, we are going to share how to Deauthorize iTunes on dead computers and laptops.

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Deauthorizing a computer linked to your Apple ID make sure that no one else can sync content you’ve purchased from the Apple Store. You can use only 5 devices with one Apple account. So if you are using new Apple computer or device, then you have to deauthorize your old device from using Apple Account.

Deauthorize iTunes on Old and Dead Computers

It’s also feasible to deauthorize all your PC. After installing iTunes, you wish to start it on your PC. You should deauthorize all of your computers concurrently. Deauthorizing a computer is simple. If you try to go more than 5 computers, then iTunes will provide you with an authorization error. Authorizing a pc is simple.

Using “Deauthorize All” will deauthorize each computer connected to the Apple ID from accessing iTunes content, unless or until these computers are re-authorized again via iTunes.

If you have installed iTunes on your computer for the first time, then you have to authorize your computer for iTunes. iTunes authorization is very simple, but you can authorize upto 5 computers. You have to Enter the Apple ID and password to authorize iTunes on your PC or Mac.

When you authorize Mac or PC, you’re permitting it to access your data.

How to Check how many systems are connected to Apple ID

Step 1: Open iTunes on your Computer and Sign in to Apple account using Apple ID and password.

Step 2: From the menu choose Account > View My Account.

Step 3: You will need to Enter your Apple ID password if required.

Step 4: Your account information will be displayed and you will see the number of devices connected to Apple ID.

How to Deauthorize iTunes on Old Computer?

Step 1: Open iTunes > choose Account > Authorizations > Deauthorize this computer.

Step 2: Provide Apple ID password > Deauthorize.

Once you deauthorize any computer, you cannot access iTunes on that account. You can also reauthorize that computer later from iTunes Account -> Authorizations -> Authorize this Computer.

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