How to Convert a Word to PDF on Mac

If you want to print documents on Mac, then you know that PDF documents are very easy to print and it has its advantages. But the questions is how to Convert a Word to PDF on Mac. With this simple guide, you will be printing documents to PDF on your Mac. Microsoft Word is a commonly used word processor on Windows based computers. But PDF format is also the best file format for printing documents. There are lots of methods to convert word to PDF on Mac.

Various programs can convert Word to PDF Mac, such as Adobe, OpenOffice and you can also use some online websites to Convert a Word to PDF on Mac.

PDF to Word on Mac

PDF to Word on Mac

Convert a Word to PDF on Mac

Sometimes we need to save or convert a Microsoft Word Doc file to PDF on Mac. Now note that PDF and Word both are different file formats. Now one of the advantage of using PDF file is, PDF is universally readable file format with any PDF reader. So it is very easy to read and manage documents with PDF file format. Now you have your any important document in word format, and you want to convert that file to PDF then this article can help you.

This method is working fine in all versions of Word for Mac, including Microsoft Office 2016 and 2011.

You can also quickly share a Word DOC as a PDF with Microsoft Word in Mac. All you have to do is just click on the Share button and then choose to send as PDF. So this will automatically convert and send your word file as PDF.

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How to Convert Word DOC to PDF in Office for Mac

Step 1: Open Word file using Microsoft Word on Mac.

Step 2: Go to the File > choose Export.

Step 3: Select PDF > Choose to Export. Use Save As to save the new PDF file.

When the conversion procedure is finished, PDF Creator lets you preview the resulting document before exiting. The procedure for conversion is also easy and simple to execute. The process of converting the video is quite easy and can be achieved by virtually anyone. Launch this application, and you may find it is made in a user-friendly way. You must configure the application.

Be certain to save your working documents before making your PDF files so you may edit them later in case you desire. PDF files can be hard to deal with. You’ve got large PDF files mostly due to the large images.

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