How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac 2018

If you are a Microsoft Xbox one Fan but recently moved from Windows To Mac and looking for How to Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac, then this article will help you. The good news is that you can easily us third party tool to connect Xbox One Controller to your Mac, but the problem is unlike the plug-and-play and wireless nature of the PS4 controller, the Xbox Controller requires third-party drivers and configuration to work with Mac OS.

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If you have a Mac and have a couple of games you would love to try; then you may have Gaming controller and running on your system. For those with a Mac, it might also be connected via USB as an acceptable game controller for the large part of the steam games. If you’ve got a Mac, it may also be connected via USB as a suitable game controller for a majority of the steam games. Note that you want to restart your Mac to finish the installation. After the close of the installation procedure, you’re going to be requested to restart your Mac.

You might need to restart your PC. After the software installed, plug in your controller and visit the Control Panel and pick Game Controllers to make certain it is working properly. For most games though, you have to download a tiny bit of extra software.

Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac

If you’ve got an Xbox One or Xbox 360, odds are you own a controller. While technically true, don’t forget that the Xbox is made by Microsoft, the identical company which makes Windows that’s installed on millions of PCs around the Earth, and they’ve made it feasible that you use there Xbox controllers on a PC. Xbox 360 is among the early entrants into the gaming system industry with the higher quality graphics chip, which aids Xbox 360 to offer high performance.

In case the controller doesn’t respond, try out a unique micro-USB cable. If you’re going to use the wireless controller, however, you’ll need to also obtain the Xbox 360 Wireless Gaming Receiver. Xbox One liquid metallic controller is a favorite controller in the marketplace nowadays.

Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac

Download this driver:

Install the driver:

  • Open the 360ControllerInstall_0.16.4.dmg in your downloads.
  • Open the Install360Controller.pkg inside the dmg.

Follow these steps for How To Connect Xbox One Controller To Mac:

  • After installing the driver > restart your system.
  • Then Open the configuration software. Open System Preferences.
  • Click Xbox 360 Controllers.


  • Make sure it detects your controller > Configure the controller in big picture mode.
  • Open your Steam Library > Click the little controller at the top right and > Once in big picture mode click the GEAR (Settings)
  • Under Controller click Add/Test > Click the detected controller
  • On your controller press the buttons that light up on the screen
  • When finished press Y on the controller to save settings and then load up Rocket League.
  • Try restarting Rocket League a few times or restarting your computer.

This tool is more complicated. If you have a PlayStation 3 or PS4 controller, it’s much easier. The developer said that OS X Yosemite users would need to enable kernel extension developer mode for the XboxOneControllerEnabler tool to work. This is possible through the Terminal using this command string:

sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=1

It requires a reboot and then relaunches the enabler app before attempting to use it within versions of OS X. To turn off kext-dev-mode later, you can use the following command string:

sudo nvram boot-args=kext-dev-mode=0

The application that was free is accordingly termed Xbox One Control Enabler also it enables the operator through the latter requires a slightly more complex setup to get working to operate with OS X Yosemite or OS X Mavericks using a Flash connection on any Mac.

With any OS X version, having the Xbox One controller to work with the Mac is slightly more complicated than using a Ps3 controller, and there may be a few quirks encountered on the way as the help is unofficial. However, it’s surely worth a try if like to make use of the operator with you have a Mac and an Xbox One.

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