How to Activate iMessage on Mac

iMessage is a great instant messenger just like WhatsApp allow users to send receive Messages on iOS devices. Now when you bought a new Apple device, you have to setup iMessage and then activate iMessage. Here in this article, we are going to share How to set up iMessage on your Mac and iPhone/iPad.

If iMessage is not available on your iOS device, then you can download it from Apple App Store. Once installed, you have to register your phone number with Apple.

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If you’ve forgotten the password, you will need to reset it before you begin. Users may also have multiple active games within a conversation. Sometimes whenever your device is left up to date, you might face some problem while using some apps, so it is advisable to update device and use new capabilities. You can use one of the methods above based on the device you would like to activate iMessage on. In the event the above method doesn’t get the job done, then you may try reset your device or get in touch with your carrier. When you’ve downloaded the appropriate application, you will be able to modify your wallpaper to any photo you desire. You may use different applications to change the method by which the text bubbles look.

How to Activate iMessage on Mac

Contacting your wireless provider isn’t the best when wanting to understand how to activate iMessage. Be aware that turning off the iMessage service isn’t going to delete any present message threads that should be carried out manually if it’s needed. Hence, make certain your internet connection is all up to the mark.

How to Activate iMessage on iPhone

1. Open Settings > Messages.

2. Turn iMessage to On. It will take some time to Activate iMessage.

How to Activate iMessage on Mac

1. Open iMessage on Mac.

2. Enter Apple ID email address and password.

3. Then Go to Preferences > Accounts.

4. Then at the bottom, select the phone number and email addresses.

Choose the username and phone number that will display when you message anyone using iMessage.

Apple will confirm your email, Apple ID, other details. Since it doesn’t offer an application that can change your SMS background for you, you’ll need to jailbreak your iPhone and download the Cydia application. It has tied iMessage to Find Your Friends, so if you want to share your location for an hour, the rest of the day, or the rest of time, that’s also an option. Your Mac is now clean and prepared for a new owner. Make sure you have the latest edition of IOS on your mobile. You may see the edition of the carrier settings near Carrier.

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